Kenyan Pastors Practising Bigamy

Apostle Micheal Mburu, who has been accused by his wife of Bigamy

Apostle Micheal Mburu, who has been accused by his wife of Bigamy

According to the Kenyan law, bigamy is defined as a legal offence of obtaining more than one legally recognized marriages against the law.

Traditional doctrines allowed for polygamy on the basis of cultural practices.

Though polygamy is recgnised worldwide as a practice, the national rules of any coutry dicate how this is handled.

According to various religions, monogamy and polygamy is accepted. Islame recognizes the man’s right to marry upto the forth wife, Christianity acknowledges one man and wife.

If married under the Christian law in Kenya, one cannot marry another wife without legally divorcing the first wife.

As Deputy Chief Justice Hon. Lady Justice Nancy Baraza “Divorce is constitutional and respected by law”.

Kenyan Apostle Michael Njoroge Mburu Practising Bigamy

Having been married to Esther Kagure Nderitu at the winners church in Nairobi Kenya in 2004, Pastor Michael Mburu opted to get a second wife in the name of Miriam Wachuka. Esther who is a year older than the pastor, now apostle Michael was the first wife, and is still his legally wedded wife under the Laws of Kenya.

In 2008, Apostle Michael married a young 21 year old college girl from Murang’a in a traditional ceremony.

At that point he committed the crime of adultery and bigamy.

With Miriam Wachuka, they have a baby born in 2010 and onto which it cements both infidelity by our pastors.

This is a case of one man out to win the hearts of every desperate woman in the pretext of God’s Vision

In a case to come up in courts later in the year as he files for divorce, Michael, the self proclaimed Apostle accuses thewifeof adultery.

In records obtained by the CorporatesEprofiles International, the said accusations stems from a plot to con the worshippers at the church.

In one case, Apostle Michael swindeld over Ksh. 400,000 from a Kenyan lady in the pretext that he could heal her from AIDS, eigth months down the line, Millicent Wambui is still HIV positive.

Fire Gospel International, the church he owns, is ondeed at the center of scandals ranging from sex orgies to witchcrafts to increase the flock in the church.

In a twist of fate, documents obtained from confidential sources in his defence team shows a big scam to lock the media from carrying out the divorce proceedings. This is just one of the ways Apostle Michael has initiated to lock the public from knowing his dirty linen.

Apostle Michael As Put By from Fire Gospel Website

Apostle Michael, a third born in a family of six was born and brought up in Murichu village of Nyahururu town, Kenya.  His parents were farmers/entrepreneurs .  He was a hard working young man and the favourite son to the father as the first son of the family.

He has a unique touch and love for God and dedication to the harvest  of the kingdom from the time he was born.  A testimony from his mother was that when he was one day old the first visitor who came to see the baby brought him a bible and placed on his right hand side.

He grew up just like any other child until when  he was 18 years, when he had a  dream where he saw seven (7) maize stalks growing  each with two large maize corns.  As a young man he could not understand the dream which was spiritual and in actual fact he planted the  maize seeds in his room, watering them every day. They grew to an extent he removed  the roofing sheet for the stalks to receive sunshine.

Apostle Michaels Quote to Former wife on the day they argued in church over him conning the flock “naishi hivi till a day I get rich then we can all be saints”


Tommorow we Look at Pastors Nduati and Pastor Wahome.


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