A Safari To The Gregory Rift Valley

A Safari To The Gregory Rift Valley

Great rift valley

Gregory Rift valley as seen from the Ngong Hills

The expansive Gregory Rift Valley that runs from Ethiopia all the way to Tanzania carries on it special features that are a must see. The ranges and mountains stand tall with revered beauty and the different lakes are a wonderful sight. The bird and animal species found in and around the Great Rift Valley are astounding gifts from Mother Nature.

Created by the movement in the earths crust, this physical feature is a wonderful addition to the already gorgeous Kenyan landscape. The best way to view this great sight is through a group trip from the Ngong hills to Lake Natron where the valley ends for Kenya.

The Ngong hills are a range of hills in the Ngong area of Nairobi just at the border between Nairobi province and the Rift Valley province. They make for a good hiking experience and are not too steep for a fun climb.

The view of the capital city, Nairobi from these hills is magical on a clear day and even better on a clear night sky, the city lights and you can even see the airplanes taking off and landing in the Wilson Airport. On the other hand, these hills provide a great view of the Rift Valley beyond.

Lake Magadi is a few kilometers drive from the Ngong hills and is one of the several lakes on the bed of the Rift Valley. This shallow lake is in the heart of salt plains isolated by intense heat that keeps most flamingo predators away leaving the pink birds in peaceful nesting. The nearby Nguruman escarpment and the Loita hills make for an excellent climb.

Lake Bogoria

A Geyser in Lake Bogoria and falmingos in the shallow alkaline waters

The Great Rift Valley plays host to several other alkaline lakes. Lake Nakuru is probably the most famous one because it attracts a large number of flamingos each year and several hundred pelicans thrive on its shallow alkaline waters.

Lake Bogoria, a saline lake, is famous for its hot springs and geysers in the lake and on its salty beaches. Tourists are welcome to boil eggs on its hot shores and enjoy the sight of beautiful flamingos in and around the lake. Camping is allowed but only towards the southern shores and accommodation is available near loiboi village.

The biggest lake on this side of the Great Rift Valley is the lake Naivasha.  Unlike many other lakes on the floor of the Rift Valley, Lake Naivasha is a fresh water lake. It is fed by fresh water tributaries and has an underground outlet that keeps the waters of this great lake fresh.

To the southeast of this lake is Mount Longonot, a dormant volcano mountain surrounded by the

Mount longonot

The forest in the Mount Longonot Crater

Longonot game reserve. A hike up to the crater at the top of the mountain is around 10 km, though it may take more time to negotiate its steep ridges. The Longonot crater has a little forest at the bottom and several water stream vents.

Zebra and buffalo are the dominant species of wildlife in the area though leopards have also been spotted time and again.

The journey across the Great Rift Valley floor could take you a week or two depending on the places you want to see, however expert tour firms like Duma Africa treks have smaller packages for specific areas of interest and larger affordable packages for the whole journey

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